Why SZZ Properties?

SZZ Properties is one of Dubai’s most trusted, local family-owned and run real estate agents.

Founded and led by Ziad Mustafa, an experienced Dubai real estate agent and respected advisor to various local and international property owners and investors. SZZ’s leadership team has been serving the Dubai market for over 40 years ensuring high levels of customer service.

Home is a cherished memory embedded with plethora of love, happiness and emotions. Innovations and requirements meet at SZZ properties where you can view the home in your dreams. SZZ properties proffer before you with the best and adorable villas and apartments for sale and rent in Dubai with all needs and necessities your mind craves for. It is well customized and arranged to accord you the best ever homely experience.

Apartments for Sale in Dubai

People always doubt if they could buy/sell a home or property through internet or regular marketing and advertising channels without a third party. There are many methodologies a professional real estate agent could do better than the owner. Some of the reasons why people depend on SZZ properties are:

  • Experienced professionals
  • Perfect Price Guidance
  • Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality
  • Attenuates complete procedure
  • Market Conditions
  • Professional Networking
  • Handling Volumes of Paperwork

Advantages of selecting SZZ Apartments/Villas for Rent in Dubai:

SZZ Properties is a Real Estate Company in Dubai comprising of skilled and experienced professionals. We possess complete knowledge about the neighbourhood. Our agents facilitate communication between the client and property sellers to secure the best Villas for rent in Dubai on behalf of our clients. Our agents mitigate the procedures of  visiting or showing properties. SZZ vouchsafe wide range of information regarding market conditions that help you buy/sell.

SZZ is having an experience of 40 years acts as a perfect guide for pricing of Apartments for Rent in Dubai. Our professionals are trained to present their client's case in a perfect way keeping every information confidential. Our specialised team are committed to handle the volumes of paperwork securely. Whether you are looking for Villas for Rent In Jumeirah or Building For Sale in Dubai, we are happy to provide you with a wide range of luxurious properties at affordable rates. We also have a vast collection of ready to occupy Apartments for sale in Dubai. SZZ has always maintained better relationships for future business by creating happy and satisfied clients.

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