Dubai: Best Place for Property Investment

Property investment and real estate has always been an important sector of Dubai’s thriving economy. However, this typically goes through different cycles. While this is the best time to invest on properties. Here are some reasons on why Dubai remains to be a great opportunity in property investment. Dubai is one of the best places in the world for property investment with lots of multinational companies and real estate firms. If you are in search of Building For Sale in Dubai, contact the SZZ Properties for all services regarding real estates.

  • Dubai has made its reputation as one of the leading destinations for property investment. In recent years, the government of Dubai has made it even more attractive for foreign buyers by incentivizing purchases with visa grants. Foreigners can get a 2 year investor visa if they invest around 1 million dirhams. Also you will get the best price point in the world here.
  • The prime properties in Dubai are 40% less expensive than world’s major cities. The ultra-prime market is also inexpensive and much lower when compared to other urban centres. Also Dubai offers better value of money by giving you thrice the area for a specific amount than what you get at other markets.
  • When compared to other global cities economy, Dubai has lower real estate investment costs with nominal taxes and closing fees that ensures very promising investment yields. Reports show that there is  rise in price at some areas.
  • The city has a strong resilience to sustain growth along with politics and economy. Still amidst of everything it continues to maintain as the strongest property market in the UAE. Recently the market has shown a remarkable capacity to weather slumps and market stress. All these features makes the city more attractive and conducive for real estate investment.