New trends in interior design

“Home is where you are loved, appreciated and safe” True to every word, isn’t it? Everyone wishes to get back to their niche, their own space no matter how small or big that is but just to get back to their home once done with a hectic day. In that case wont you wish that little space of yours be appealing and soothing. It depends on how you do the interiors of your home. Some need it very classy and some need it bright and some others wish that it be simple but elegant. However, it is how you wish to see your home not just for a day but long term, that determines how your interiors must look.

Lately, it is been seen that many love travelling and in those journeys they collect so many stuff for their home. So rather than getting all your stuff from the same old store as your friends suggest you get to see different things across the world which might be unique to your home. The point is to collect what you love, there's no point collecting anything else. But we find that most people have already started a collection of sorts, be it books, paintings or china, but the design trick lies in how you display your collection.

Think laterally, when it comes to displaying. Why not place your fabric collection in a glass cabinet on full display, as someone does with her magnificent collection of saris? Or hang retro, original street signs on a wall, or boating paraphernalia or musical instruments such as the drums, or brass bugles arranged artistically for drama and interest.

Now these are these little things that you try to different that makes your little space stand out from others. Get out from the usual same old styles and start experimenting because no one other than you know your place better than you.